Tropico 4  v.1.3.301

Tropico 4 expands on the gameplay of the previous game with new political additions - including more superpowers to negotiate with, along with the ability to elect ministers into power to help get your more controversial policies passed.

Outlook Extract Email Addresses Software

Extract email addresses from an Outlook Inbox. Save results as a text file.


Outlook Extract Email Data Software

Extract all lines from Outlook Inbox emails. Extract lines that contain specified text. Extract lines that do not contain specified text. Extract text between specified starting and ending character(s) repeatedly throughout email(s). Extract the same

Select Random Lines and Random Select from Multiple Text Files

Do you have a number of text files that you need to randomly select a number of lines from? Perhaps you are doing data testing, and need to populate a database? Or perhaps you are running a contest, and want to randomly select entries from a draw?

Sofonica Video and Audio Converter  v.1.2

Video and Audio Converter is the free software that can convert DVD,FLV,AVI,MPEG,MOV,WAVE,MP3 to many other video/audio formats e.g. AVI, WAV, WMV, MPEG, FLV, MKV, RM, 3GP, 3GPP2, MOV, ipod video format etc.Conversion can be done in three steps.

LTCM Client  v.1.20.3792

The LTCM client is a unique program that allows you, the user, to control the content that you receive through this program.

FinePrint  v.6 25

FinePrint has a toolbar that allows you to do, with the apropriate commands, common tasks.

Rise of Nations:A Thrones and  v.

Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots is the expansion of the popular strategy game Rise of Nations, new campaigns were included in this edition with characters from the real world, new civilizations to accompany them, and new features, this game was p

DigiFishViewer  v.6.0

Each of the species pages provides access to launch the Digital Fish Viewer. This is a 3D Java program that has been created for viewing MRI slice data and volume renders, as well as segmented volumetric structures where available.

His Grepship  v.4 5

His Grepship is a visual grep tool that searches text/HTML files for search expressions and displays matching lines, with the expressions highlighted. It can do a find-and-replace on all text/HTML files.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Platinum  v.20.0

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a typing instruction application and offers the following features: Dynamic Personal Instruction: Mavis Beacon will automatically place you in the lessons based on your current skill level and adjust your path as you pr

ChoicePlus Pro  v.2. 3. 2004

ChoicePlus™ is a computer program that counts Choice Voting elections. Internationally, Choice Voting is an election system used in Australia, Ireland, Malta.

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